Fantasy Figures International is back! Our special World Model Expo issue features an extended show report and an exclusive interview with American miniature artist Steven Garcia. Our cover story is a stunning post-apocalyptic vignette by the very talented Andrea Ricciardi, while Rochelle Parente paints a Warhammer-inspired tomb guardian dragon. With all this and much, much more, Fantasy Figures International is your essential hobby magazine for miniature painters and sci-fi modellers alike.

Our Sci-Fi coverage is second to none, featuring Gunpla from some of the best-known names in the hobby, as well as Maschinen Krieger and Stars Wars. Our Fantasy painting articles cover classic subjects and post-Apocalyptic modelling. Fantasy Figures International has something for all levels of modellers, from complete newcomers to the hobby to award-winning painters.

Fantasy Figures International is first and foremost about exceptionally painted miniatures. Our showtime reports feature inspirational painting and modelling from the biggest and best shows worldwide. Fantasy Figures International also brings you the latest in news and reviews from the manufacturers who are shaping the future of the hobby.
After the Apocalypse

Guideline Publications is delighted to announce After the Apocalypse, brought to you by the team from Fantasy Figures International and Marco Riolo of Alternity Miniatures. This softback 84-page book brings you the very best in post-apocalyptic modelling, with stalkers, zombies and all manner of horrors from a dystopian future. It features seven previously unpublished articles, each covering a different aspect of post-apocalyptic modelling including figure painting, vehicle modelling and diorama building.

Each article is fully illustrated with step-by-step photos, informative text, and extensive galleries of the finished model. Marco Riolo also explains the concept behind and design of some new and exclusive new post-apocalyptic figures to be released by Alternity Miniatures. The book gathers together some of the world's foremost post-apocalyptic modellers, including Gabriele Leni, Vincenzo Lanna, Stefano Garbin and Antonio Casas Garcia.
As well as the seven featured articles, there are stunning galleries of the best of post-apocalyptic modelling from the likes of Mirko Brechmann, Denniz Halo Hedin, James Craig and Marian Berg.
This is post-apocalyptic modelling at its most innovative and creative and not to be missed! £19.99
Fantasy Figures International - issue 17

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